Sunday, March 16, 2014


it's little Fahri 3rd Birthday.....this year...he is so in to dinosaur...extreme dinosaur fan... so the birthday theme also dinosaur la...

The Cake



 Celebration At School

Cake Cutting Session

The Birthday Boy  

 The sister

Goodies giving ceremony

On the Actual Day
Same place masa kakak punya birthday...hello kitty town...there is the place the kids enjoy so much... nak bawa gi will cost us so much...botak this is the best place we can think of ...

Birthday gift from Kakak Fiesya

Happy 3rd birthday to my baby dyno fahri irsyad.. You're my hero, my love, my baby... You're my everything

Ibu, ayah n kakak fiesya love you with all our heart... Be a good boy ok