Friday, June 7, 2013

Japan Travelogue - The Arrival

The day has finally come...20/5/2013...we all are so excited....our flight depart at we decided to call taxi at 12pm...all the bag are pack and we're ready to go...fiesya is the most excited person..she keeping asking when and when to go to Japan... see how many bag we pack...
then we arrive at the airport at 12.30pm...i already check in thru the net so just drop our luggage at the counter. everything goes smooth...the we ate at marry brown and tapau nugget for the kids... suddenly they announce flight to Kansai airport is ready to board...what?? that time it's only 1.30... we haven't pray we decided to just go to check in counter and hope they'll be a surau inside... and luckily there no worry...if you want to travel can pray inside the boarding room..the surau is comfortable...and like usual...the sleepy head...sleep until we board the plane

The 6 hours flight journey was fine and smooth...just a few small air turbulence which is okay for us and the kids...the kids spent the first 2 hours watching cartoon on their ipad then another 2 hour of making noise and playing...and the last 2 hour sleeping... luckily we arrive ahead of schedule...suppose to be 7 hour journey but it's only like 6 hour and 20 minutes.... we are at Kansai airport...that day i watch Zizan show...he arrive at Kansai airport...he was so excited...and now we are here...can't describe how I felt that time..we arrived at about 9.30 Malaysian time and 10.30 Japan time...i was relief coz we might be able to catch a train back to hotel. the last train will be at 11.50pm... so it's time for security clearance... i kind off suspense since we bought beras from home...on the flight when i fill in the stated if i bring beras i need to declare...but i did read one blog...she bought nasi impit and she declare...then at the custom check they ask her to open her bag and when she show the nasi impat...then the japan officer said...don't i guess it's better not to declare anything our you might trouble yourself... and it's true... don't put yourself in trouble...on the boarding form..just put nothing to declare...they just look at your form ...if there's nothing to can just pass thru...but if you tick on anything...then you will have to take out all your stuff for checking...
security check was super worry...they'll scan your picture on your passport then you just smile at the camera in from of you and put your thumbprint...that's is...and the best part is..they clip the boarding form in your passport so you will not lost it....
the airport was big...but we don't have time to look around coz we have a train to catch... just follow the sign ...i can't remember which floor coz we took a lift...the sign is in won't get your train ticket to your hotel....
Fact About Kansai Airport
  1. Kansai Airport also called KIX
  2. KIX was opened for business since 4th Sep'1994.
  3. It is one of only two artificial structures visible from space - the other is the Great Wall of China (is this an indicator that our next trip will be great wall??).
  4. The purpose was to build Japan's first 24-Hours International Airport,in order to
    respond to increase demand for air transport not only in Kansai but in the whole country.
  5. The mountain in the south-eastern part of Japan's Osaka Bay had to be levelled to provide the landmass and transport bridges from the Harbour.
  6. Each year the runway handles 160000 take off's and landings.
  7. The transport bridge from mainland has a six lane motorway and two way railways.
And back to our story... our hotel is in Shin-imamiya.. we bought JR ticket from KIX to Shin-Imamiya using Nakai Line. The cost is 890yen which equal to RM27 per person...wa...we are in Japan train..muahaha... it was at night so all i can see a light everywhere just like Malaysia...on the train...of course la Japanese pretty Japanese lady sit beside me...just like in a movie..
After about 1 hour on the train we arrive at shin-imamiya..take the east exit..until you are outside of the station...then?? where to?? my hubby ask..i don't know...there's no car on the one walking here and's like we arrive at a ghost town...thought Japan is a busy country...then we have no choice but to put our ego aside and try our first conversation with a Japanese pep...luckily there is a gentleman sitting there...
As i thought...they can't speak English but they manage to show us the direction...Important message here...Make sure you have your Hotel name written in Nihon... they might not be able to read alphabet as well ...they can just read Kanji (Japanese writing)... the hotel location is actually very easy... if you face the street when you go out from the station (like my hubby in the picture) you need to turn left and walk along the will past family mart and a junction and wallla..there it is...
we stay in Chuo Hotel. ..there is a misunderstanding when we want to check in...the person there said i have not make any booking...luckily i bought the printed email and show it to him... he then apologize ...very nice...then we manage to go in our room...
I wanted to experience staying in Japanese like hotel that they usually call Ryokan.. the room is small but more than ok for us...yala in Japan tu...what do you aspect... in front of our room..there's a microwave oven for us to use...great ..i can heat all the food...there's a small fridge inside...
after a few jakun action...yela...never see a Japanese bed ...we set up our bed...feel like cerita Sinchan..hehe...and the kids sleep soundly...huh so nice...last night we are in salak tinggi and tonite we re in Osaka, Japan...
About the Hotel:
  1. Name : Hotel Chuo
  2. Price : Single room : 2200yen; Small twin Room : 3800yen; Twin Room : 4400yen; Twin room with a personal bathroom : 5400yen
  3. I book direct to the hotel. I email to them at . They response very fast. you can even ask a few question thru your email like how to go here there..for the preparation
  4. We Paid 31200 yen for 4 night which equal to RM950. quit cheap. Japan is very strict on the number of person that can use 1 room so better you ask thru the email. Mine since we have 2 kids so we need to pay 7800yen per room
  5. there's only 4 room with personal bathroom. others you need to share the bathroom. so make sure when make booking state what you want.
  6. Really recommend this hotel if you went to Osaka. very convenient coz it is very near to train station just a 3 minutes walking distance. Near Family mart like 7eleven where you can buy water or bread. The room is clean and you can use all the facilities there for free. the Internet access is super fast. The surrounding environment is so peaceful like staying in your hometown.
 Collateral damage for today (in yen)
Train from Kansai Airport to Shin Imamiya : 890
Hotel : 31200
2 bottle Mineral water : 256
TOTAL : 32346
we will definitely be here again...till next day...bye