Sunday, June 16, 2013

Japan Travelogue - Universal Studio

I wanna start this page with our family picture for our 3rd day in Japan..It is not easy to have a family picture since you have to buat muka tak malu and ask people to take our photo...but overall i'm satisfied... for the whole day we manage to get 7 family picture taken...
Fun Fact About Universal Studio
1. One of four Universal Studio Theme parks, owned and operated by USJ Co., Ltd. with a license from NBCUniversal.
2. The park is similar to Universal Orlando Resort since it also contains selected attractions from Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood
3. It is always crowded and with 90% locals
4. You can bring food and water in. They don't mind that.
5. The Rides Are Ancient - Back to the Future, Jaws, Waterworld, Backdraft – these are just some of the things that happen during 80s and 90s. And though concepts like Jurassic Park and Spiderman are pretty constant and timeless, most of the park seems to play on the nostalgia bone.
6. If you’re looking for Universal Studios Japan specific souvenirs, good luck. They were all either attached with a small dolorian, T-rex, or had Snoopy dangling on the other side of it. Not like in Singapore, most of the souvenirs have a big Universal Studio word.
7. If you can’t speak Japanese, do not prioritize the shows coz all the 4D show is in Nihon

Now we start with our journey...we woke up early..had our breakfast and i cook nasi to bring to the park...we wore Baju Universal Studio Singapore...poyos kan...then we took a train from Shin-Imamiya to Nishikujo then change train To Universal City. Bear in mind changing train in Japan is not like in Malaysia..In here if you're from Salak Tinggi you want to go to need to take erl until Bandar Tasik Selatan then exit..menapak like 1 KM to change to Star new ticket then naik star...if Japanese people come to Malaysia they will definitely laugh at our public transport system...yela why on earth you need different train station...the only station that has most of the train line is in KL sentral...tu pun Star tak ada..if I'm not mistaken la...aku pun dh lama tak naik train... in Japan, you just purchase 1 time ticket..from Shin to Universal city...when you arrive at Nishijuko..get out of the train and just wait there for a train to universal need to walk out of the just need to change from platform 2 easy...
Then we arrive at Universal City...bought a ticket...hehe i didn't buy a ticket for Fiesya...I thought 0-4 years free...but actually 4-12 years need to purchase child ticket...and furthermore fiesya naik stroller so at the entrance they didn't notice...hahaha selamat duit aku...
no worry...they don't mind if you bring food...we even bring's like is prohibited to bring outside food to the park...tak consider langsung...dah la harga makanan kat dalam tu nak tercekik dibuatnya....
The park is much more bigger than Singapore...this time we decide to try out my assumption plan... what i figure out that when we go to any amusement park...we tend to start from either left or right...we will start with the first attraction we when the park open everybody will be at the first attraction ...but nobody will start at the center of the we decided to try my finding here... when we enter the park, the first attraction is Hollywood...we skip everything and just walk straight to Jurassic Park which is like 5 attraction ahead...and surprisingly...there's no long Que..we even have a Chance to take picture with spider man without have to Que...hehehe...berjaya ...Until sometime when everyone started to move around and all the places was pack with people...
the park was big and we can't event find some of the attraction... below is the attraction we found..the one with no picture in it is either we hate it or we can't find it

New York

  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
Unfortunately the ride were close for some maintenance...
  • Terminator 2:3-D
No where to be seen...and i don't like terminator that much pun


4-D Theatre
  • Shrek's 4-D Adventure

The same 4D movie in Singapore but this time Shrek speaking Japan... OMG why on earth it's the same story...every park should have different show so it has its own identity... really disappointed... 

  • Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic
Don't really like sesame and all its friend
  • Universal Monsters Live Rock and Roll Show

  • Animation Celebration

  • Hollywood Dream - The Ride
  • Space Fantasy – The Ride
  • Magical Starlight Parade
Watching the parade is like watching perarakan kereta berhias... it is meriah with all the light but ...i don't know...for me it's kind of boring...and my kids don't enjoy it that much..

San Francisco

  • Back to the Future - The Ride

Hubby ride the car and it's kind of exciting he said...
  • Backdraft
What the hell is this??

Jurassic Park

  • Jurassic Park: The Ride

Fahri fav...but we very disappointed...we not be able to ride the boat...Fahri is not tall enough to watch the dinosaur...and there's no big dinosaur patung like in Singapore...

Snoopy Studios 

  • Snoopy's Great Race
This is the place for the is in the wonderland...a new area in the pack design specially for kids like mine who can't ride most of the USJ attraction...we spent most of our time in the wonderland... and yes.. it is like a wonderland... very colorful... we event ate our nasi there...orang kampung datang Jepun...siap bawak bekal nasi...yang penting perut kenyang...
  • Peppermint Patty's Stunt Slide
  • The Flying Snoopy

Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue

  • Hello Kitty's Cupcake Dream

  • Hello Kitty's Ribbon Collection
Hello kitty will be fiesya's Fav among all...and she even has a chance to meet HK and HK hug her...hehehe it's like a dream came true for a little girl like her..

Sesame Street Fun Zone

Elmo's Imagination Playland:
  • Elmo's Bubble Bubble

  • Abby's Magical Party

  • Moppy's Lucky Dance Party
  • Big Bird's Big Nest
  • Grover's Construction Company
  • Bert and Ernie's Wonder-The Sea
Sesame Central Park:
  • Sesame's Big Drive

  • Big Bird's Climbing Nest
  • Abby's Magical Tree
  • Abby's Magical Garden
  • Water Garden
  • Cookie Monster Slide
  • Ernie's Rubber Duckie Race
Sesame Street Plaza:
  • Elmo's Little Drive
  • Big Bird's Big Top Circus


  • Peter Pan's Neverland

Water World

  • Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular
We did not watch the movie...i bet it is the same like singapore

Amity Village

  • Jaws
Jaws?? like what year is the movie?? is there anyone still like jaws?? huh...
That will be all the attarction...okla...and if you're looking for a suray forget won't find it just find a spot and bentang ur sejadah... we found a private place...tepi bangunan near the back to the future is near to toilet to ambil air sembahyang...and nobody was there..and don't forget to bring your kompas arah kiblat... by that time my kids was done with sleeping... thanks to the stroller... 
After we completed our duty...then came a park staff...she was so polite and friendly...she ask where we're from and try to communicate even though i think she know only a few english word... and the amazing part is...she draw a pictureof elmo and big bird just buy using a water spray yang dibuat untuk cuci2 cermin or meja... very talented...and it's actually brighten our day...and my question is...why on earth Malaysian people can't be as friendly and cheerful as that... go to Legoland...see how people treat you...even in Singapore...they are not friendly at all... but they love their job so much and it is their duty to make people happy...they seem so sincere ... and you will feel so comfortable being here
We stay there until the park close at 9pm... we bought a lot of souvenir...for our self... after that we went to hard rock cafe and continue damaging our wallet...actually in has 2 in Ito Building which i don't know where and the other one is outside the USJ... 
And after that is time to go back to the hotel with a happy face...really enjoying the day..
We will definitely be back here in 10 years time after we visit US Orlando and Hollywood...
Collateral damage for today (in yen)
1. Train from shin-Imamiya to Nishikujo to Universal City : 200
2. Universal Studio Ticket (2X6,600) : 13200
3. Spiderman Picture Taken : 1500
4. Tshirt and talking dinasour for Fahri : 3005
5. Hello Kitty Picture Taken : 1800
6. 2 coke & 1 minute pulpe : 780
7. Hello Kitty Towel & Soft Toy foor Fiesya : 5400
8. Hello Kitty pen, postcard & Pen Dino : 1601
9. PopCorn : 1400
10. 2 Tshirt Universal wonderland : 2000
11. 2 coke : 580
12. Tshirt for fiesya & Dino Keychain : 3230
13. 6 Tshirt @ Hardrock cafe : 14280
14. Train from Universal city to shin-imamiya : 340
15. Unknown purchase : 800
TOTAL : 50,116

What a tired day today...need a goodnite sleep for tomorrow journey...tatata...