Thursday, May 16, 2013

Japan - Final Preparation

Season 2

This season is about our final preparation before boarding the plane..on Monday...OMG... 72 hours to go....finally the time is come for us to go for our 2013 family holiday...muahahaha... all the preparation is almost finish...just a few things left to here is the idea of what should be prepare before you go..

Episode 1 : The itinerary

This is my major headache for the past 8 month...finally I've succeeded to completed my Black Book Of Japan...muahahah...

in this book i have all the necesarry plan where to go, train schedule, opening hour and every detail of our schedule for the 9 day. basically our schedule will be like this
20/5/2013 :
  • Depart from LCCT to kansai Airport
  • Arrive at Kansai airport at 111.45 pm
  • wondering and sleeping at the airport because the last train to osaka town depart at 11.30pm
  • catch the first train to Hotel Chuo
  • check in, take bath, eat
  • walk to denden town
  • go to umeda, shopping at tomica shop
  • sightseeing at dotombori
  • having fun at Universal Studio Japan
  • catch a train to kyoto
  • go to Kinkaku-ji-temple
  • visit Ginkaku - ji
  • watch Gesha at Gion
  • shopping at shinkyogoku arcade
  • catch train back to hotel in Osaka
  • check out
  • take nozomi (fastest train) to Tokyo
  • check in at Tokyu Stay Ikebukuro
  • shopping for Japanese cotton at Nappori Textile Town
  • shopping at Daiso
  • Let the kids play at KiddyLand harajuku
  • catch a train to Dooremon Museum
  • buy Lot's of collectible toys at akihabara
  • visit Bandai museum
  • go to kaikodo - must visit place for mr hubby - selling vintage toy
  • sightseeing at tokyo Sky tower
  • having supertastic fun at Japan Disneyland
  • shopping for souvenir at asakusa
  • watching the busiest crossing at shibuya
  • final shopping at akihabara
  • take a train to haneda airport
  • depart for LCCT at 11pm with a happy face
this is our wish list place to visit. when we get back I'll update how far we manage to follow our schedule.
Episode 2 : The Bag
what should we bring?Don't bring everything inside your friend said, just bring a small bag....huhuuu...i've 2 kids with me...small bag is for jalan-jalan at alamanda...for jalan2 at japan for 9 days we surely need a big we bring 4 bag and don't forget our 2 stroller.
Bag No 1:
This bag is full with food and pampers... we've decided not to spent our money in food furthermore it is hard to find Halal Japanese food in Japan. why bother wasting time finding food...just bring it from Malaysia. i bought lots of instant rice from . very easy one...just put water and put it in microwave...wala...siap your nasi....then there's lots of instant lauk like brahim and can food..bring everything from home even kicap and the most important one...maggie
Bag No 2
This bag for baju, seluar, spender, baju tdo, toiletries, ubat-ubatan. i only bring 5 set of baju coz we will surely buy new cloth there and furthermore our room has washing machine and haha...
Bag no3
It's a smaller version of bag no 2 to put changing cloth, a few dyper, ipad to bring aboard the plane
Bag no 4
It's our transformer bag to put passport, boarding pass
all together 4 bags and 2 stroller...wala....don't know how we going to carry the bag...we'll figure it out when the time come
Episode 3 : The Money
This is the most important part of the journey. it's ok if you forget things in episode 2 but if you forget this particular thing, you might be dead much...this is what I have in plan
  • ICOCA pass for train in Osaka : RM500 for 2 person
  • Hotel in Osaka : RM700 for 4 days
  • Kyoto one day pass : RM100 for 2 person
  • Universal Studio ticket : RM600 for 2 adult & 1 Child
  • Shopping at universal studio : RM1000
  • Shopping at Osaka : RM500
  • Shopping at Kyoto : RM500
  • Nozomi ticket from Osaka to Tokyo : RM800 for 2 person
  • Suica Card for travel in Tokyo : RM1000 for 2 person
  • Hotel in Tokyo : RM1300 for 5 days
  • Shopping for Japanese cotton : RM500
  • Shopping for collectible Toy : RM2000
  • Shopping for suviner for orang kampung : RM500
  • Disneyland Ticket : RM600 for 2 adult & 1 Child
  • Shopping at disneyland : RM1000
  • Shopping at tokto : RM500
  • Shopping at Daiso : RM200
  • Shopping at Kiddyland : RM300
Most of the money will be spent in shopping so if you don't really into shopping so you can save a lot. we'll see whether we'll follow the budget or over spent. don't forget to go to money changer to turn your RM into yen. Luck for us now Japanese yen is dropping. 1000 yen equal to RM31. the cheapest money changer so far is in seri kembangan. going there this Saturday.
This will be the end of season 2 of our Japan journey. next season will be on the net after we completed our journey. stay tune for more info.
Wareware wa Nihon de totemo tanoshī o motte iru tsumori