Thursday, April 4, 2013

Japan Visa Application

Today I want to update on my preparation for our “can’t wait anymore!!” vacation. About 1 and a half month to go…yeahaaa.. What have I done for the preparation??? OMG…travel itinerary to Japan is soooo hard to do…because there’s so many place I want to go with so little time…and everything is so expensive… and the train map/route is so confusing…why do you guys need so many line…in Malaysia we only have putra, star, monorail and erl…tu pun aku dh confuse… in japan looking at the train map pun aku dah confuse tak tau la bila kat sana…confirm sesat…

Back to the main topic here…Japan Visa Application… yeahaa..we already got our visa…so here is the prequel series of our hard work of getting our visa ready….

Episode 1 – The passport 

The basic rule of going abroad is you must have 6 month validity of your passport from your depart date. So check your passport. I check mine…oh no…expired on October 2013…alamak need to renew…and Fahri picture need to be change because baby passport valid for 5 years but after 2 years old you need to change the picture…bukan la change pun just tempek je kat dalam passport tu.

To renew your passport no need to fill in any form just bring your old passport, IC and 1 passport size photo with blue background. Pergi je kedai gambar cakap nak buat passport, tau la dia nak buat macam mana. Bab gambar ni pun aku tension gak…minimum kena buat 4 keping harga Rm12 dewasa 10 kanak2…buat apa 4 nak guna 1 je…

Then go to the nearest immigration office wait for your turn and submit to the officer. The passport charge is RM100 for 2 years and RM300 for 5 years. Don’t know why it is like that coz if you renew your passport every 2 years, with RM300 you get 6 years…extra one years…

Then the changing picture of Fahri…I went to the counter, give the officer 2 of Fahri photo, birth cert (mykid cannot be accepted for official use because it not state anywhere the relation between the kids with the parent. Said the officer. What?? If that is the case why Government introduce mykid? It is stated there Fahri Irsyad Bin Faizal so why you cannot see the relationship?? Ok fine…luckily I bring the birth cert…then come another argument…” Saya perlukan salinan sijil lahir dan salinan IC ibu/ayah” what for? This is the original birth cert, this is the original IC of me the mother and this is the original IC of his father…furthermore…this is the Fahri…me is the mother and this is the father…every original documents and the original  people is already there why on earth do you still need a photocopy???? Well that’s is the procedure… that is the problem with our government agency…our tendency of keeping photocopy paper and the luxury of having extra almari to keep all the paper…what is the procedure for?? For validation? What else you need to validate? We bring the original copy why bothering wasting time keeping the not original one?? Ok…if there is another permudah challenge…I will suggest this issue. Ok with all the complain I still submit everything to the officer.

Then they’ll call your number again to make payment. Passport will be ready within 1 hour from the time you make payment.

The waiting Duration – we arrive at the office at 8am. Our number were call at 1pm for submission, 1.15pm for payment and 2.15pm for the passport collection. Half a day at the office. Then I saw a notice, you can renew your passport online. What?? Why didn’t I notice? We are the IT people, we don’t wait…we do everything thru the net…ok surely next time no more waiting. To apply online you can apply here . But I really thank the immigration officer. They have to work on Saturday and Sunday just to server people. Great job guys…so our passport were ready.

Panjangnya episode ni…biasa la episode pengenalan kena panjang skit.

Episode 2 : The necessary Documents

There’s so many blog out there that can tell a detail on how to get your visa. Everybody have their own story version and this is my version.

First and foremost… please spend some time browsing the JapanEmbassy in Malaysia website. You will get a basic picture of what need to be done. Then go to page Visa ApplicationRequirement. There’s a few types of visa and for vacation, choose the Holiday and Transit category. What you need is :

  • Original passport. Refer to episode 1


This form is editable pdf. Means that you can edit and type directly at the form then print. If you have a very beautiful handwriting that you confirm anyone can read it without any problem then you can just print the form and fill in with pen. As an IT people, writing is one of the difficult part of our life. So typing will ease the problem. And if you going with family, I think typing is better than writing because you have to fill in your address etc. if you write then you have to write the same thing again and again…OMG… why people still doing that…ok the print the form. If you go for holiday, column guarantor/inviter can be left blank or just write N/A (not applicable).
  • Photo. You cannot use your remaining passport picture for you visa. Go to the photo shop again, this time ask for Japan Visa photo. Clearly mention to the photo shop amoy. The standard is 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background. The price for japan visa photo is RM14 for adult and RM12 for child. We have difficulty taking Fahri photo. He refuse to take photo so we have to take the best shoot which is not comel at all. Mr hubby eyes is swollen that time because he just undergo a minor operation removing his ketumbit yang dah keras. Then when the picture ready, paste on the application form.

  • Itineraryin Japan. It is also a downloadable form. So just type in and print. One important advice here: do not write to detail. They don’t want to know what are you going to do in every hour of the day when you in japan. Make it short just one activity per day. They just want to know that you have some knowledge of Japan or where you want to go. In the address column just put your hotel name and contact number. If you haven’t booking your hotel, just search the internet and create one.
  • Employment certificate. This letter must state your name, your position, department and length of service and it must be printed on your company letterhead and sign by the admin/boss. They have a sample letter inJapan embassy Singapore. Since I’m a government office, so I didn’t read about self-employment or private sector people. Sorry no knowledge on that.

  • Personal saving. I think this is the part why I read so many blog just to clarify on the saving part. What we gave is ASB statement that have RM10,000 in it. You can’t just Photostat your account book. Go to maybank, tell the officer I want surat pengesahan bank on my account for japan visa. Then you need to pay RM10 for the office to produce a letter stating your current balance. What?? Rm10 just to clarify my own money? Huh cekik darah betul. Then we gave 1 more statement from Agro bank about RM10000 also. It’s not that we have lots of money but that’s including our saving for emergency purpose. Don’t ask me how much money is enough because I don’t know. And no one know actually. Just have faith on your account balance.

  • Copy of marriage cert and birth certificate. If you go together man and women, you must provide your marriage cert. I don’t know why maybe they don’t want unmarried couple buat maksiat kat sana…hahaha.. Then if you bring your kids, please provide photocopy of their birth cert.

  • Flight Ticket. This is not written in the visa application requirement so it is not compulsory. But I read a few blog that said if you attach a photocopy of you confirmed ticket purchase to and from japan, your visa approval chances is higher. This is because they know you’re not going to japan to be pendatang haram and even you have less money in your account, you surely can come back because you already purchase your ticket. So jut print the airasia booking confirmation and attached.


So end of episode 2


Episode 3 :   The Submission


Me and hubby went there on Tuesday. The building is very easy to find. It is a white building with a Nippon flag. Below is a guide to the embassy. Opening hour and contact  :

8.30 a.m. - 12.00 noon
2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. 
TEL: 603-2177 2600
FAX: 603-2143 1739

We arrive at the building about 2.15pm. There is no appropriate parking. Just park on any side of the Jalan stoner. They allow that so don’t worry police will not saman you. After parking go straight to the guard house. They will give you a visitor form so fill in your name, address, phone no. then hand t to the office with your IC or driving license. Then the officer will give you a visitor card. Then go inside. Beside the guard there is a white wooden door. That is the entrance. What?? I thought that’s the entrance to the guard house. Me and hubby look here and there for an entrance until one man pointed out for us the white door.

Ok..Go inside. Here you will have to leave your phone. Since I already know that so me and hubby did not bring our phone. Go thru the scanning machine and you will enter the Embassy of Japan. OMG I can’t wait. There must be a lot of Japanese inside (I thought to myself). The building is on your right but don’t worry there is a big tugu that show you the way. Very easy one surely tak akan sesat. Enter the building and go straight to the que number system. There is 2 button on the machine one in English and one in Nihon. So which one should I press?? Of course la the English one. I don’t even know the Nihon written button is for what. So don’t waste your time or people behind you precious time to wondering at the machine what button to press.

Inside the office you will see 4 counter. It is so small compare to china visa application office. Counter 1 is closed. Counter 2 is for people press the Nihon written button. So don’t dare pressing the button coz you will be treated as Japanese peps. The third counter is a Chinese ladies. This is the counter we need to aim. There is where we will face our acceptance or rejection. And the last counter is for collection. But it is counter no 5. Hmmm..Why I only see 4 counter.

Ok at about 2.45 our number were call. Then with a smile I submit all the form even though the officer don’t even care how big my smile is. She check every form and arrange as she want. Then she return back our marriage cert. “I won’t take your marriage cert coz it’s in jawi. My boss won’t understand it. Since you bring your kids so it is not necessary”. Ok. Make sense. Our kids is our marriage cert. then she return back agro bank statement and take only the ASB statement. Then I asked why you didn’t take the statement. “No need. Your ASB balance is enough for the whole family”. Ok. Then she continue “You or anyone can come to pick up the visa at counter 5 on the 4th at 2 -4 pm and bring this receipt. If any problem we will call you before the collection date.” What?? Please don’t call me. I don’t want you to call me.

Done. Within 45minutes everything is settle. About 20 people in 45 minutes. It was super-fast. But why is no Japanese people around. Only Malaysian people. Yala this is Japan embassy in Malaysia not Malaysia embassy in japan.

Episode 4 : The Collection

I went to embassy building again on the 4th April 2013 with a bumping heart hoping our visa is ready. So I proceed the same proses but this time no need to take number. Just line up at counter 5. The line was so long but I believe that they are super-fast. So even there’s so many people but I manage to get my visa within 30 minutes. OMG.. Our visa is ready. Syukur Alhamdullilah. No problem at all.

Season Finale

It is not hard to apply for Japan visa. Just submit the necessary document. There is no charge for the visa so it’s free. Don’t do your visa to early coz it’s only valid for 6 month. Thanks for all the blogger who wrote about this so I get a clear picture on doing this right for the first time.

This is the end of season 1. Thanks for reading.